Astorija Brasserie | Vestuvių paroda
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– Astorija at the wedding fair –

Let’s meet at the biggest wedding fair “Iš” on October 19th at Litexpo.


For the ones who dream of the wedding in Vilnius Old Town with all the city charm, we will have some options to offer. Host a small and cozy wedding at Astorija Brasserie for a charming French style celebration. At the same time your banquet hall and rooms are perfect for a big sensational wedding party. Bring your celebration to your favorite place with our outside catering service or make it special with tastings, bar shows and cocktails.


Eevry couple, who book us until December 31, get a complimentary room.


  • Weddings up to 5000 Eur – Premium New Syle room.
  • Wedding over 5000 Eur – Presidential suite