Astorija Brasserie | Breakfast
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Breakfast buffet offering fresh, high-quality, natural food will make for a pleasant start of the day for the entire family. Visit us on Sunday when you are in no rush and enjoy breakfast until the noon.


The restaurant implements the concept of Super Breakfast developed by Radisson Blu Hotel network. Some may be a bit unsure about coming from the city to a hotel for breakfast, but after visiting us, you will soon find that you will be greeted by friendly staff and cosy Old Town to be enjoyed through veranda windows.


For breakfast we serve freshly pressed orange juice, fruit smoothies, natural yoghurt (you can select fat content), fresh fruits, vegetables, cereal, gluten-free bread and other natural snacks. Breakfast can be made even tastier with nutritional pumpkin, sunflower seeds or hazelnuts.


Meat eaters can choose special hot-smoked salmon, pork, turkey, beef, fried chicken and pork sausages or bacon slices.


If sweet dishes are a guilty pleasure enjoyed on weekends, you will be able to indulge in fresh cupcakes, buns, croissants and various jams.


We also offer a wide selection of beverages – juice, tea, coffee, three types of water. You will be able to find everything you may wish for a full and satisfying breakfast.